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Automated precision measuring
XACTOOLS® is synonymous with professional solutions and components in automation and metrology. As a customer, you can gain from our extensive wealth of experience as we and you join forces to achieve solutions which are optimal for you.

Content and operation

Xactools GmbH

Zeppelinstraße 4
74357 Bönnigheim
+49 7143 96689 20
+49 7143 96689 99
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Stuttgart District Court, HRB 741253
Managing Director: Thomas Erb
Person responsible for the content: Thomas Erb



Implementation and design

Hirsch & Wölfl GmbH
Medienwerk Vellberg
Im Städtle 29
D-74541 Vellberg
07907 99996-0
07907 99996-99
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Disclaimer for links

Xactools GmbH, as the content-provider, is responsible for its "own content" which it makes available for use according to the general requirements of law. A distinction must be made between our "own content" and the links to content relating to goods and services provided by others. By means of these links Xactools GmbH enables the user to access "third party content" which is designated as such by coloured marking. Xactools GmbH is only accountable for this third party content if it has positive knowledge of the content (including unlawful and criminal content) and if it is technically possible and reasonable for Xactools GmbH to prevent its use.


Links are always dynamic and not static. At the time the link is initially established, Xactools GmbH examines the third party content to determine whether the link gives rise to ant potential accountability under civil or criminal law.  However, the company is under no obligation to maintain a constant check on the content of the link for any change which would constitute a new accountability. The company will only remove a link if it ascertains or if it is made aware by other persons that a specific site to which it has provided a link gives rise to an accountability under civil or criminal law in so far as such a removal is technically possible and reasonable for the company. The technical feasibility and reasonableness is not influenced by the fact that after access from the Xactools GmbH website has been blocked, access can still be gained to the unlawful or criminal material from other servers.

Receipt of encrypted electronic mail

For technical and organisational reasons Xactools GmbH cannot currently decrypt encrypted emails. If you want to send confidential information to us, please use conventional mail.

Receipt of signed electronic mail

Unfortunately, for technical and organisational reasons Xactools GmbH cannot currently verify electronic signatures for authenticity and validity. We are unable at present to receive either encrypted or signed emails. The consequence is that you cannot use electronic mail to send us documents where written form (i.e. with a personal signature) is required. In these cases please therefore revert to conventional mail.